Inspections & Audits

United Region Transit Services (URTS) is a certified provider of safety audits and inspections. We work on behalf of transit agencies, in addition to State Safety Oversight departments, to conduct inspections, complete corresponding paperwork, and maintain all records as quality documents. We ensure that:

  • Your system will operate safely through the host communities.
  • All employees are adequately trained and protected.
  • All systems, subsystems, components, equipment, and materials are furnished and installed to conform to the requirements of the contract documents.
  • The entire transit system, with all interfaces, operates as an integrated whole and is capable of functioning effectively to provide dependable service.
  • The system is safe for use by patrons and in compliance with industry standards of care and with contractual requirements.
  • The Operator has the capacity to safely operate and maintain the system through hiring experienced staff.

Our experience with safety inspections and auditing allows us to better guide clients who partner with us for comprehensive support, stay up to date on current and anticipated safety issues facing State Safety Oversight and transit agencies.

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