New Starts & Extensions

Building a new light rail, bus, or streetcar system? Adding on to an existing system? Having an experienced team of consultants and program managers in your corner is essential to achieve your safety certification.

Just as your system needs to be planned and constructed with great attention to detail, so will your safety and operating procedures and your training program.

It’s important to hire a knowledgeable program manager that will expedite the certification process and help your system generate revenue safely and quickly. In addition to our wealth of expertise with safety planning and inspections, we have supported new starts and extensions for all types of systems.

We specialize in all areas of program management integral to the success of your system, including: planning, conceptual design, construction, design review, inspection, and operation. We’ve worked with light rail, bus, and streetcar companies across the United States, so we understand what every system needs to move into the revenue stage as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  • Safety Management System (SMS) Implementation to ensure your Transit System is in compliance with SMS Principles and its four components. This will give your system a solid foundation for continued safety.
  • Safety Certification to allow your system to become safety certified and enter the revenue generation phase as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • System Safety Program Plans to comply with state safety standards and prevent potential safety hazards.
  • Operations and Maintenance Plans to serve as a guide for maintaining the function and longevity of your transit system.
  • Accident and Hazard Investigations to determine the cause of system malfunctions, mitigate the negative impacts of accidents, and develop a plan to resolve system issues.
  • Safety and Training to give your team a full understanding of how to properly operate your transit system, maintain all equipment, and respond to safety hazards.
  • Standard Operating and Maintenance Procedures to make sure you and your team are equipped to operate your specific system.
  • Rail Activation to ensure your new rail project starts in a safe operating mode, this plan must be implemented and accompanied with the three hold point process.

Looking for professional support and consulting to achieve safety certification for your new start or extension? Contact us to get started.

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