Comprehensive & Technical Support

All-Inclusive Consulting Throughout Every Stage

Not only are safety program managers required to be hired during the design phase by the MAP-21 law, but it is also in your best interest as an owner to have professional guidance at the outset of a transit project. When you hire United Region Transit Services (URTS) as a partner from the beginning, we save you time and money by:

  • Advising on design for new systems to ensure they meet all requirements and any potential issues are anticipated and addressed from the outset
  • Offering technical support, including inspections, audits, and investigations in accordance with State Safety Oversight
  • Overseeing all work done by contractors to ensure quality and safety compliance
  • Facilitating deadlines to get your transit system to the revenue phase faster
  • Making sure that all safety certifications are acquired
  • Training your staff on how to properly operate and maintain your system
  • Drafting safety plans, operating manuals, and procedures
  • Conducting integrated testing and writing the required plans for your system
  • Providing ongoing forecasting and risk management support to keep your system running smoothly once completed
  • Planning and assisting with the rail activation process

We provide flexible service plans tailored to your system and needs – whether your project is a new start or an extension.

Here’s what you can expect at every stage when you hire URTS for comprehensive and technical support:


We collaborate with your team and your contractors to formulate a design plan for your bus, light rail, or streetcar system. We’ve worked with numerous transit providers, so we know what a successful system should look like. Our team evaluates your vision, objectives, and goals to develop a design for your transportation system that will satisfy FTA requirements and pass safety certification.


We take care of integrated testing and drafting all your systems and safety plans, including your rail activation plan, so that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of writing them or the integrity of the finished documents. We provide technical support according to State Safety Oversight, including inspections, audits, and investigations. We also help with the rail activation process and conduct training with your entire staff, from mechanics to managers.


After construction has finished and you have received your safety certification, we’re available to provide ongoing support in the form of forecasting and risk management to keep your transit system running safely for years to come.

If our comprehensive support offering sounds like the perfect fit for your project – contact us to get started!

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