United Region Transit Services (URTS) offers consulting, planning, training, documentation, and risk management services for transportation providers across the United States. Our experience with transit safety, logistics, and operations gives us a thorough understanding of all types of systems – including light rail, bus, and streetcar – as well as the FTA guidelines for transportation organizations, allowing us to guide you through the safety certification and training processes with ease so you can start generating revenue sooner.

Clients that choose to hire us in the design phase for extensions or new starts, as designated by the MAP-21 law, benefit from comprehensive and technical support throughout every phase of their project; however, we also provide training, forecasting, and risk management for existing transit systems.

Learn more about our services:

Comprehensive & Technical Support

Expert safety consulting, training, and documentation at every stage.

New Starts & Extensions

Comprehensive safety and technical support and certification for light rail, bus, and streetcar new starts and extensions.

Safety Plans, Operating Manuals, & Procedures

Professionally drafted documents for operations, preventative maintenance, staff training, and risk management.

Inspections & Audits

System inspections and audits conducted by safety certified professionals.

Training & Consulting

Whole staff training to uphold or improve system safety and function.

Integrated Testing Plans

Safety plans and testing for all components of your bus, light rail, or streetcar system.

Forecasting & Risk Management

System evaluations to address or prevent system safety, speed, or technical issues.

URTS maintains all records as quality documents, as mandated by FTA guidelines for transportation organizations. We identify, prepare, index, distribute, store, maintain, and turn over all records and documents according to approved procedures.

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